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How to Choose a Nail Art Design Right For You

There are so many different types of nail art designs nowadays


How do you choose the right design for you?

Option 1: Nail polish color that can be painted artistically on your nails. I also use acrylic paint which is water based so I can easily correct the art as you work with it. It’s much better than oil paint like nail polish as it dries much faster.

Option 2: Stickers that you peel off and stick to the nail come in an  amazing variety and work really nice. They are very common in fact you can even get the sticks of art at your local dollar stores. All you have to do is apply a top coat and voila, instant nailart.

Option 3: Air brush art which is any kind of stenciled design you choose from a flower to your logo spray painted directly on your nail with a air brush.

Air brush art has quickly disappeared over the years. It cost me over $1000.00 over 15 years ago to get into that art design system.   I even had to tackle a night course to learn how to work with a air brush yet today you would be really hard pressed to even find any one that does air brushed nail art anymore.

Option 4:    We even offered at one time gold designs…gold studs drilled right through the nail. These were real gold and diamond studs and every one had to have a solid gold nail.

Why did that option disappear? Same reason airbrushing did. It was beautiful but fact is the nails got snagged in every thing and were a big irritation so they kept coming up with new and simpler nail art. like the variety of sticks  available now.

Option 5:  Now we have color acrylic and color gel, of every color you can imagine and addon bling in every color,  it’s so beautiful and simple too!

There are many varieties of nail art design to choose from nowadays, what do you choose?



Spray Tans Versus Tanning Beds

1098485_495236357234966_246758258_nWhat is tan is right for you?

I’m sure you know what my answer is: SPRAY TANS!

But to let you make your own decision let me provide you with a bit of information you may not be aware of.

Have you heard about the new law tanning bed law in British Columbia, Canada?  The law states that all tanning bed walls must have a sign on them that says: “WARNING. TANNING BEDS WILL CAUSE CANCER”. Now if that isn’t reason enough to not use a tanning bed, I don’t know what is!  Saying that, most tanning customers will choose to ignore  that sign.

Did you know that people under aged  are not allowed to use tanning bed or even work in the tanning salon?

Many of us want that nice dark base tan before we go on holidays but who has the time? It takes a minimum of 2 weeks of going to the tanning beds to get that base tan.   Listen up! You are going on a holiday because you need a break from your busy life so why make it busier going to the tanning booth everyday for two weeks straight before your holiday. Instead, why not get a spray on tan? Just one 20 minute appointment at the salon and voila > Instant dark tropical tan 🙂

Let me tell you about the SPRAY TAN system I use a my salon…

I use Australian Gold Solution:  The only moisturizing vitamin infused solution that contains over 70% Organic ingredients, resulting in fast drying and hydrated skin,  Hollywood’s choice for a natural looking tan. It is an organic aloe-based solution (competitors use water base). which increases the skin’s natural moisture level leaving no sticky feeling. DHA is rapidly absorbed into the skin within ninety seconds to two minutes for a deep, even penetration without streaks. Creating a longer lasting natural color tan for five to seven days.

If you are planning a sunny hot holiday in the near future why not pop by and let me give you a tropical dark base tan before you leave for your trip.  Trust me a base tan will help you handle the hot sun.   As the days go by on your holiday my spray tan may fade but by then you will have a natural sun tan with no burns from the sun.

Book your appointment today and get ready to jump into my spray tanning booth and get that gorgeous tropical bronze tan.

It only takes 20 minutes!

Call me today to book at 604-542-4261

FootsieBath Pedicure: The Pedicurist to the Stars

GENYA VINOKUR – Founder of FootsieBath & Celebrity Pedicurists and Manicurists

footspaGenya Vinokur, better known as “The Pedicurist to the Stars”, attracts the most sophisticated and demanding clientele in the world.  As hygiene became a growing concern in the spa industry, it was Genya  who realized the need for a higher quality, more reliable and sanitary foot spa solution.

Unable to find one that met her high standards – she decided to develop her own – the concept of the FootsieBath™ Foot Spa was born.

I use this system in my salon. FootsieBath™ Foot Spa is the only system that keeps the water warm throughout the entire process as well as individual liners for each customer so that there is no cross contamination between treatments and clients. I have a very comfortable corner of my salon designed for pedicures and other foot treatments, and best of all no matter how physically able you are this chair turns so that clients can sit down in comfort,  some of us have a hard time to have to climb up, and to sit in some models of pedicure chairs can be difficult for some as they are one piece on a platform requiring clientele to climb up to sit, not this chair, which is handy for those who have to use walkers or canes. People with disabilities find this system easy to navigate.

To see more about this system visit

Call me to set up your FootsieBath Pedicure at 604-542-4261

Nail Glue – A Handy Lifesaver to Put in Your Purse!

If you have artificial nails always have a bottle of nail glue handy!

Now that I said that, a lot of people out there will say that they have never used nail glue. Some people are actually even scared to use a nail glue thinking that it will glue so well that the nail will never come off.  Others feel they just never need to have it on hand because if their nail lady had did the job right in the first place glue shouldn’t be needed between nail fills.

Well let’s get real ladies!

There are so many things that we do all day long that will break your natural nails so why would you think that an artificial nail can’t break?  No kidding we can break the best made nails! I have found over the years that the worst thing we can do to our  nails , the most common way that we break a nail , is from cleaning house! It seems whenever I start cleaning or organizing something in my home the next thing I know my nail is loose, lifting or worse case scenerio completely broken off!

Now the other most common way to break a nail is when we are in a hurry or a big rush.  We smash a nail in to some thing and it really hurts and some times it not only hurts but it can bleed.  What do you do?


Now if you had some nail glue you would be able to fix it so that it does not get worse and totally fall off. You can even apply the glue to prevent it from having a snag in it that can easily get caught on something.

At least this glue will hold it on until you can get back to your nail lady to get it fixed correctly. Most of the times that we break a nail it is pretty close to the time that you should be getting your nails filled in any way and a sign to get to your nail lady!

MOST of the time my customers tell me that they broke there nails only one or two days before they had there appointment to get the nails done anyway.   I do not however recommend that you glue a nail on for more than a few days, it’s not gonna last.

SO what kind of nail glue do I recommend?

I’ll share that info in my next blog post so stay tuned.  I will give you all my nail glue choices and recommendations. I’ve learned a lot about glue over the years doing nails. For example, did you know that crazy glue was made for the 2nd world war for the soldiers out in the field? If they got a big old cut on their body and no medics to were available help out they all  had a bottle of crazy glue to mend the skin together. My point being… crazy glue was made for our skin, not wood or medal.

Share with us your horror ‘breaking a nail” stories in the comments area below…

What is a Pedicure?

pedicure02I get this question all the time because many people don’t know what getting a pedicure is all about.

So what is a pedicure?

I call it a ESTHETIC TREATMENT. that means it’s a BEAUTY TREATMENT, not a medical treatment. Saying that,  it will help you medically in the end getting your feet treated esthetical because you will feel better!

A pedicure will make you look and feel beautiful!

What happens when I get a pedicure?

I start with a 10 minute soak in a bath of mineral salts (quite a variety) in order to soften the skin on your feet. Once they are softened, I can remove all the lose skin around the toenails, shorten them then clean that up so as to prepare for new nail polish (or no polish if you prefer).

And then I have a skin buffing tool with a bit on it (not a razor blade like you may have heard about) that is made for us in the nail industry doing pedicures. This buffing tool files off the lose skin on the bottom of your feet and it is so lovely as there is no pain what so ever.  Some salons still use razor blades that are illegal to use in British Columbia, Canada so be leary of any salon that still does this.  The method that I use is the most effective to smooth the bottom of your feet.

After that I use a sugar  scrub that is massaged on your feet to finish the exfoliating of your feet. After I rinse that off and before I put on your nail polish, I massage your lower part of your leg (mostly the feet) with a cream that is personalized for you and your needs. For example, do your feet always feel cold , or hot? If so, Gehwol, a German made foot treatment product would be the best cream for you.

Every pedicure should be personalized

Each individual will have a different treatment of steps to fit to your lifestyle. For example. you may be older and have very smooth skin so I would have to use a soft file on you OR you may be a jogger and have wore up quite a build up of skin on your foot and I would need to use a coursse file on that person.

Now once in awhile I have had customers wanting a real massage with there pedicure. A good example is my mother in law who always insisted on a long massage with her pedicure. You must remember this treatment is a pedicure not a massage. I do know how to do a good massage as I did quite a bit of study in that area but it is not my forte. I’m a beautician not a massage therapist. One thing I do know however is that your feet will feel like you are walking on air when you walk out of my office…GUARANTEED!

So ready for your first pedicure?

pedicure01Call me if you want an intense pedicure beauty treatment on your feet that not even a podiatrist can do for you ( they only cut your toe nails).  It won’t hurt and I can even help you medically because your pedicure will make you feel good inside and out. PLUS your feet will look so great you’ll want to go shopping for those new summer sandals when you walk out the door to show off your toes!

Share with me your comments on your pedicure experiences…

Help I Have a GREEN Nail Fungus!



Could it be caused by the nail salon that I just went to?

What is nail fungus and is it permanent?

How do we get the so called fungus that turns the nail bed green?

Customers are forever asking me these questions so I thought I would explain everything you need to know about nail fungus in my next blog post…

I first began doing nails in Canada, and then I moved to Florida, USA.  The point in me saying this is because in Canada the climate in British Columbia is super cold! Therefore,  I had never seen a nail fungus (that is when the nail bed goes from yellow slowly to a green colour) because of the non-humid weather conditions in Canada. When I moved to Florida it was very beautiful hot weather but it had a hot muggy and humid air quality  which is the ideal climate to promote that ugly nail fungus growth.

Well that is were I got my education in FUNGUS!!!

You see fungus lives in warm and wet (anything warm and wet)! Now add that to nails that lift a bit from one side or the other and add a bit of water (we all have to wash dishes by hand now and then) and you’ve got FUNGUS! YUCK!


Because the artificial nail has lifted from your natural nail, which adds JUST enough water to trap under there and stay warm.


HELP!!! My nail bed has gone an ugly shade of GREEN!

IF this happens to your nail bed PLEASE don’t get scared as there is absolutely nothing to worry about.  All you have to do is give me a call and I’ll help it disappear for you! What I do is take the artificial nail off which is the easy part because it is half off any way otherwise your nail bed would never go green if the nail was not lifting. I will then put a new nail on for you!

In my part of country in White Rock, British Columbia, it is dry and cold and the nail has to be lifting for about 5 days before  it turngo green. Unfortunately in warmer climates it may only take a day or two to go green on you. I’m here to help you fix your nail bed and make it all pretty again so just drop me a call to set up an appointment.

Let’s talk about one more type of NAIL FUNGUS…

fungus toes

This is the type of fungus that you have to get a medication for to cure!!!

Don’t know what type of fungus you have? ASK ME!

A normal nail fungus happens when the nail goes green, because of a artificial nail lifting. It doesn’t require any type of medication, its a matter of taking the artificial nail off and putting on a new one.

Now if you have a nail gungus like the one in this picture, you need to let your nail lady tell you what to get to solve this fungus so contact her!

Your NAIL LADY HAS TO KNOW all about what can happen  to your nails

That is her job! She is trained in this area and she is the expert! We know what a fungus is, what the cures are for treating fungus and we have medications to help you as our trade industry has supplied us with all the help that you will ever need. Don’t think that only your doctor should know what to do for nail problems. We deal directly with nails everyday and are a very large industry that looks after nails like they were our own.

I have access to some of the best products around to look after nail fungus and I highly recommend these two :       

  1. VITE20.  V20.
  2. footlogix.  Anti-Fungal Tincture.

These two products are put on topically once a day or more and its not a pill that you have to eat. Ask me about them and I can get them for you.

Also I know that LAVENDER and TEA TREE Essential Oils will do a very good job and I can mix up a natural treatment just for you with my Essential Oils. I love to work on helping people with their nail fungus and I have a lot of different remedies that I need any type of medication, its a matter of taking the artificial nail off and put on a new personalize for each client.


Give me (Anna) a call today and I’ll get rid of it for you: 604-542-4261

I’d love to hear your comments below if you ever had a nail fungus problem and how you got rid of it.

Should I use nail tips or nail forms when getting a new set of nails?

nail formWe have nail salons that use only nail tips, and some salons use only nail forms

Which is the right way to do nails?

In the olden days all that was available were nail forms to form a nice long nail for you.  But for some that had hands that had very short nails and a fairly flat nail bed we couldn’t make the nail look very nice , the nail would look like a round thing on the end of the finger, you would have to wait for about 3 weeks  until the natural nails underneath grew out before it could look like a nice nail,   Hence nail companies came out with better ways to put on a nail on by using,   nail tips.

There are many different types of nail tips on the market today:


1. White – Great for French nail tips.

2.Clear – Wonderful tips that show through for all kinds of art work on nails. And if your nail is short, and I need to make it look like as if it has a longer nail bed than you actully have. this is one that works for that.

3. Natural – These tips are what we mostly use all day long, I can put on the white acrylic or light white, this works well with most nail applications.

There are many types of nail tips we have nowadays, most companies like OPI,NCI.Creative,LCN. thay all make slitly differences in there nail tips. I think it’s wonderful because companies all make different nail tips, and there is such a lot of difference  in  people , and people all have different nail beds.  the nail person that you go to should be able to make your nails look as natural as you wont them to look like ,or as artistic as you like, or as bizzarr  as you like ….   There is so much available ,I can offer, for the look of your nails, so that  they could be photographed in a fashion magazine.

Share with us what you use, nail forms or nail tips and why?

What are Sculptured Nails?

Do you know what Sculptured Nails Are?


If you’ve been to a nail salon you’ve probably heard about the term ‘Sculptured Nails’ or something similar like:

  • Nail Tips
  • New Nails
  • French Nails
  • Acrylic Nails
  • Gel Nails
  • Solar Nails
  • Shellac Nails
  • Nail Forms
  • Powder Gel
  • Colour Powder Tips
  • Or Deluxe Manicure

So much nail lingo but what do they all mean? I’m so confused!

I’m going to eventually explain them all to you in my future blog posts but for today I would like to deal with ONE of these words, that is the word SCULPTURED NAILS.

Ladies (and men who treat themselves royally!) the sculptured nail is just that! SCULPTURED!

Defined by as:


If we were going back to the roots of doing nails,  sculpture is just what the word means:  We are making  a nail by shaping a nail on to your nail bed.   We can also use a form to extend the nail tip surface if needed,  to form a nail length that you did not have originally. We sculpture a nail for you to look like a real nail that ALSO looks natural !!!

 So that is how it started!

All we wanted to do was to make a artificial nail that looked natural, hence the term sculptured nail.

In future blog posts I’ll talk about the other nail terminology you may have heard about. Soon you’ll be an expert when it comes to talking about the next trend in nails.

Have you had your nails ‘sculptured’ lately and if so, how did you like them?

How Can I Fix my Broken Nail?

It never seems to fail and you here that pretty, manicured nail go “SNAP”.

We’ve all heard it and wince knowing our gorgeous nails are going to look like crap holding that glass of wine at our blind date tonight.

broken nail

What’s a girl going to do?

Whether your nails are gel or acrylic nail breaks can HURT LIKE HELL because most times they have cut into your nail bed. Next thing you know there is blood all over the place.

Why do nails break?

Nails break for many reasons. The main one being we smacked it against some object or got it caught under something and pulled it out at a wrong angle to make it snap off. Most reasons our nails break are because of us not paying attention to what we are doing instead racing to get something done. Sometimes weather can cause our nails to become brittle as well due to low humidity and dry heat, most often in the winter. There are also other environmental causes that you can avoid just by wearing gloves when you are washing your dishes. Even biting your nails or cuticles can introduce ugly bacteria which can weaken your nail bed. Sometimes, nails that always break is a sign our body is not healthy so always consult a doctor to rule out any general health problems.

What should you do if you break a nail?

Call your nail lady to fix it! I’ve been in business for years and there isn’t a break I haven’t seen or not been able to fix. Don’t  try any of the do-it-yourself fixes from bandage wraps to trying to glue it back with crazy glue. These methods will only extend the excruciating pain even longer.

If you’ve got a broken nail, don’t think you should try to let it heal for a few days , before  you call the nail lady to fix the nail and keep using your hand or even try sleeping it away because the minute something touches that finger be guaranteed you’ll be in PAIN!

Instead, drop me a call and I’ll fit you into my day and fix it quickly for you so you can move on with your day as pretty (and painless) as before that nasty break.  What I can do for that broken nail will be like putting a cast on a broken leg, you wont feel the pain any more and you will be able to use your hand right away, and it will heal for you.

You’ll then be able to enjoy that date tonight with your guy and show off your beautiful nails!

Have you ever had a bad nail break before and what did you do to try and fix it until you eventually got to your nail lady?