Get Ready to Arouse Your Man on Valentines Day!

Valentines day is a day for romance, hearts, flowers, LOVE and arousal of your man.

This year be ready to have your man eating out of your fingers by beautifying yourself so you can truly melt your partner’s heart. Let’s face it, men love their woman to be smiling beautifully on their arm. Nothing makes them happier!

nailsSo take some time this week and get ready by pampering yourself into that sexy lady that your man will melt over. When I feel good my man feels good too! Even if you are single you never know who you will meet by February 14th so be ready! Besides, I know for me it always makes me feel good when I take time out for me and me only.

Here’s a few ways I can help you get ready for Valentine’s Day:

1. Love your nails. Be it a quick manicure or a finely detailed nail design with hearts on it, nothing feels better than having beautiful nails to show off your jewelry. Be prepared for that new wedding ring to be slipped on during Valentine’s dinner.
2. Romance your feet. Nothing feels better than a complete pedicure with a paraffin treatment. Top that off with bright red nail polish and a sparkly diamond added to each big toe. Slip into a pair of open toed high heels and your man will be sucking your toes by night end.
3. Sexify your eyes. Highlight your gorgeous eyes with our new eye lash extensions and a sexy defined eyebrow reshape and tint. Be ready to gaze into your lovers eyes and entice him.
4. Create a mysterious glow about you. Consider getting a spray on tan before your date so you have a healthy glow all over your body. For the adventurous I can even stencil a heart on your bosom or butt cheek, just ask me. 😉
It’s time to take ‘heart’ and make your Valentines Day one you’ll both remember. Just call to set up an appointment to get started on arousing your man this February!

Want to receive 20% OFF any of my services for your Valentine’s Day pampering? Just comment on what you’d like done and why in the comment area below. Expires February 15, 2015.


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