Nail Glue – A Handy Lifesaver to Put in Your Purse!

If you have artificial nails always have a bottle of nail glue handy!

Now that I said that, a lot of people out there will say that they have never used nail glue. Some people are actually even scared to use a nail glue thinking that it will glue so well that the nail will never come off.  Others feel they just never need to have it on hand because if their nail lady had did the job right in the first place glue shouldn’t be needed between nail fills.

Well let’s get real ladies!

There are so many things that we do all day long that will break your natural nails so why would you think that an artificial nail can’t break?  No kidding we can break the best made nails! I have found over the years that the worst thing we can do to our  nails , the most common way that we break a nail , is from cleaning house! It seems whenever I start cleaning or organizing something in my home the next thing I know my nail is loose, lifting or worse case scenerio completely broken off!

Now the other most common way to break a nail is when we are in a hurry or a big rush.  We smash a nail in to some thing and it really hurts and some times it not only hurts but it can bleed.  What do you do?


Now if you had some nail glue you would be able to fix it so that it does not get worse and totally fall off. You can even apply the glue to prevent it from having a snag in it that can easily get caught on something.

At least this glue will hold it on until you can get back to your nail lady to get it fixed correctly. Most of the times that we break a nail it is pretty close to the time that you should be getting your nails filled in any way and a sign to get to your nail lady!

MOST of the time my customers tell me that they broke there nails only one or two days before they had there appointment to get the nails done anyway.   I do not however recommend that you glue a nail on for more than a few days, it’s not gonna last.

SO what kind of nail glue do I recommend?

I’ll share that info in my next blog post so stay tuned.  I will give you all my nail glue choices and recommendations. I’ve learned a lot about glue over the years doing nails. For example, did you know that crazy glue was made for the 2nd world war for the soldiers out in the field? If they got a big old cut on their body and no medics to were available help out they all  had a bottle of crazy glue to mend the skin together. My point being… crazy glue was made for our skin, not wood or medal.

Share with us your horror ‘breaking a nail” stories in the comments area below…

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