Should I use nail tips or nail forms when getting a new set of nails?

nail formWe have nail salons that use only nail tips, and some salons use only nail forms

Which is the right way to do nails?

In the olden days all that was available were nail forms to form a nice long nail for you.  But for some that had hands that had very short nails and a fairly flat nail bed we couldn’t make the nail look very nice , the nail would look like a round thing on the end of the finger, you would have to wait for about 3 weeks  until the natural nails underneath grew out before it could look like a nice nail,   Hence nail companies came out with better ways to put on a nail on by using,   nail tips.

There are many different types of nail tips on the market today:


1. White – Great for French nail tips.

2.Clear – Wonderful tips that show through for all kinds of art work on nails. And if your nail is short, and I need to make it look like as if it has a longer nail bed than you actully have. this is one that works for that.

3. Natural – These tips are what we mostly use all day long, I can put on the white acrylic or light white, this works well with most nail applications.

There are many types of nail tips we have nowadays, most companies like OPI,NCI.Creative,LCN. thay all make slitly differences in there nail tips. I think it’s wonderful because companies all make different nail tips, and there is such a lot of difference  in  people , and people all have different nail beds.  the nail person that you go to should be able to make your nails look as natural as you wont them to look like ,or as artistic as you like, or as bizzarr  as you like ….   There is so much available ,I can offer, for the look of your nails, so that  they could be photographed in a fashion magazine.

Share with us what you use, nail forms or nail tips and why?

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