What is a Pedicure?

pedicure02I get this question all the time because many people don’t know what getting a pedicure is all about.

So what is a pedicure?

I call it a ESTHETIC TREATMENT. that means it’s a BEAUTY TREATMENT, not a medical treatment. Saying that,  it will help you medically in the end getting your feet treated esthetical because you will feel better!

A pedicure will make you look and feel beautiful!

What happens when I get a pedicure?

I start with a 10 minute soak in a bath of mineral salts (quite a variety) in order to soften the skin on your feet. Once they are softened, I can remove all the lose skin around the toenails, shorten them then clean that up so as to prepare for new nail polish (or no polish if you prefer).

And then I have a skin buffing tool with a bit on it (not a razor blade like you may have heard about) that is made for us in the nail industry doing pedicures. This buffing tool files off the lose skin on the bottom of your feet and it is so lovely as there is no pain what so ever.  Some salons still use razor blades that are illegal to use in British Columbia, Canada so be leary of any salon that still does this.  The method that I use is the most effective to smooth the bottom of your feet.

After that I use a sugar  scrub that is massaged on your feet to finish the exfoliating of your feet. After I rinse that off and before I put on your nail polish, I massage your lower part of your leg (mostly the feet) with a cream that is personalized for you and your needs. For example, do your feet always feel cold , or hot? If so, Gehwol, a German made foot treatment product would be the best cream for you.

Every pedicure should be personalized

Each individual will have a different treatment of steps to fit to your lifestyle. For example. you may be older and have very smooth skin so I would have to use a soft file on you OR you may be a jogger and have wore up quite a build up of skin on your foot and I would need to use a coursse file on that person.

Now once in awhile I have had customers wanting a real massage with there pedicure. A good example is my mother in law who always insisted on a long massage with her pedicure. You must remember this treatment is a pedicure not a massage. I do know how to do a good massage as I did quite a bit of study in that area but it is not my forte. I’m a beautician not a massage therapist. One thing I do know however is that your feet will feel like you are walking on air when you walk out of my office…GUARANTEED!

So ready for your first pedicure?

pedicure01Call me if you want an intense pedicure beauty treatment on your feet that not even a podiatrist can do for you ( they only cut your toe nails).  It won’t hurt and I can even help you medically because your pedicure will make you feel good inside and out. PLUS your feet will look so great you’ll want to go shopping for those new summer sandals when you walk out the door to show off your toes!

Share with me your comments on your pedicure experiences…

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