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FootsieBath Pedicure: The Pedicurist to the Stars

GENYA VINOKUR – Founder of FootsieBath & Celebrity Pedicurists and Manicurists

footspaGenya Vinokur, better known as “The Pedicurist to the Stars”, attracts the most sophisticated and demanding clientele in the world.  As hygiene became a growing concern in the spa industry, it was Genya  who realized the need for a higher quality, more reliable and sanitary foot spa solution.

Unable to find one that met her high standards – she decided to develop her own – the concept of the FootsieBath™ Foot Spa was born.

I use this system in my salon. FootsieBath™ Foot Spa is the only system that keeps the water warm throughout the entire process as well as individual liners for each customer so that there is no cross contamination between treatments and clients. I have a very comfortable corner of my salon designed for pedicures and other foot treatments, and best of all no matter how physically able you are this chair turns so that clients can sit down in comfort,  some of us have a hard time to have to climb up, and to sit in some models of pedicure chairs can be difficult for some as they are one piece on a platform requiring clientele to climb up to sit, not this chair, which is handy for those who have to use walkers or canes. People with disabilities find this system easy to navigate.

To see more about this system visit www.footsiebath.com

Call me to set up your FootsieBath Pedicure at 604-542-4261

Help I Have a GREEN Nail Fungus!



Could it be caused by the nail salon that I just went to?

What is nail fungus and is it permanent?

How do we get the so called fungus that turns the nail bed green?

Customers are forever asking me these questions so I thought I would explain everything you need to know about nail fungus in my next blog post…

I first began doing nails in Canada, and then I moved to Florida, USA.  The point in me saying this is because in Canada the climate in British Columbia is super cold! Therefore,  I had never seen a nail fungus (that is when the nail bed goes from yellow slowly to a green colour) because of the non-humid weather conditions in Canada. When I moved to Florida it was very beautiful hot weather but it had a hot muggy and humid air quality  which is the ideal climate to promote that ugly nail fungus growth.

Well that is were I got my education in FUNGUS!!!

You see fungus lives in warm and wet (anything warm and wet)! Now add that to nails that lift a bit from one side or the other and add a bit of water (we all have to wash dishes by hand now and then) and you’ve got FUNGUS! YUCK!


Because the artificial nail has lifted from your natural nail, which adds JUST enough water to trap under there and stay warm.


HELP!!! My nail bed has gone an ugly shade of GREEN!

IF this happens to your nail bed PLEASE don’t get scared as there is absolutely nothing to worry about.  All you have to do is give me a call and I’ll help it disappear for you! What I do is take the artificial nail off which is the easy part because it is half off any way otherwise your nail bed would never go green if the nail was not lifting. I will then put a new nail on for you!

In my part of country in White Rock, British Columbia, it is dry and cold and the nail has to be lifting for about 5 days before  it turngo green. Unfortunately in warmer climates it may only take a day or two to go green on you. I’m here to help you fix your nail bed and make it all pretty again so just drop me a call to set up an appointment.

Let’s talk about one more type of NAIL FUNGUS…

fungus toes

This is the type of fungus that you have to get a medication for to cure!!!

Don’t know what type of fungus you have? ASK ME!

A normal nail fungus happens when the nail goes green, because of a artificial nail lifting. It doesn’t require any type of medication, its a matter of taking the artificial nail off and putting on a new one.

Now if you have a nail gungus like the one in this picture, you need to let your nail lady tell you what to get to solve this fungus so contact her!

Your NAIL LADY HAS TO KNOW all about what can happen  to your nails

That is her job! She is trained in this area and she is the expert! We know what a fungus is, what the cures are for treating fungus and we have medications to help you as our trade industry has supplied us with all the help that you will ever need. Don’t think that only your doctor should know what to do for nail problems. We deal directly with nails everyday and are a very large industry that looks after nails like they were our own.

I have access to some of the best products around to look after nail fungus and I highly recommend these two :       

  1. VITE20.  V20. www.vite20.com
  2. footlogix.  Anti-Fungal Tincture. www.footlogix.com

These two products are put on topically once a day or more and its not a pill that you have to eat. Ask me about them and I can get them for you.

Also I know that LAVENDER and TEA TREE Essential Oils will do a very good job and I can mix up a natural treatment just for you with my Essential Oils. I love to work on helping people with their nail fungus and I have a lot of different remedies that I need any type of medication, its a matter of taking the artificial nail off and put on a new personalize for each client.


Give me (Anna) a call today and I’ll get rid of it for you: 604-542-4261

I’d love to hear your comments below if you ever had a nail fungus problem and how you got rid of it.