How Can I Fix my Broken Nail?

It never seems to fail and you here that pretty, manicured nail go “SNAP”.

We’ve all heard it and wince knowing our gorgeous nails are going to look like crap holding that glass of wine at our blind date tonight.

broken nail

What’s a girl going to do?

Whether your nails are gel or acrylic nail breaks can HURT LIKE HELL because most times they have cut into your nail bed. Next thing you know there is blood all over the place.

Why do nails break?

Nails break for many reasons. The main one being we smacked it against some object or got it caught under something and pulled it out at a wrong angle to make it snap off. Most reasons our nails break are because of us not paying attention to what we are doing instead racing to get something done. Sometimes weather can cause our nails to become brittle as well due to low humidity and dry heat, most often in the winter. There are also other environmental causes that you can avoid just by wearing gloves when you are washing your dishes. Even biting your nails or cuticles can introduce ugly bacteria which can weaken your nail bed. Sometimes, nails that always break is a sign our body is not healthy so always consult a doctor to rule out any general health problems.

What should you do if you break a nail?

Call your nail lady to fix it! I’ve been in business for years and there isn’t a break I haven’t seen or not been able to fix. Don’t  try any of the do-it-yourself fixes from bandage wraps to trying to glue it back with crazy glue. These methods will only extend the excruciating pain even longer.

If you’ve got a broken nail, don’t think you should try to let it heal for a few days , before  you call the nail lady to fix the nail and keep using your hand or even try sleeping it away because the minute something touches that finger be guaranteed you’ll be in PAIN!

Instead, drop me a call and I’ll fit you into my day and fix it quickly for you so you can move on with your day as pretty (and painless) as before that nasty break.  What I can do for that broken nail will be like putting a cast on a broken leg, you wont feel the pain any more and you will be able to use your hand right away, and it will heal for you.

You’ll then be able to enjoy that date tonight with your guy and show off your beautiful nails!

Have you ever had a bad nail break before and what did you do to try and fix it until you eventually got to your nail lady?

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