How to Choose a Nail Art Design Right For You

There are so many different types of nail art designs nowadays


How do you choose the right design for you?

Option 1: Nail polish color that can be painted artistically on your nails. I also use acrylic paint which is water based so I can easily correct the art as you work with it. It’s much better than oil paint like nail polish as it dries much faster.

Option 2: Stickers that you peel off and stick to the nail come in an  amazing variety and work really nice. They are very common in fact you can even get the sticks of art at your local dollar stores. All you have to do is apply a top coat and voila, instant nailart.

Option 3: Air brush art which is any kind of stenciled design you choose from a flower to your logo spray painted directly on your nail with a air brush.

Air brush art has quickly disappeared over the years. It cost me over $1000.00 over 15 years ago to get into that art design system.   I even had to tackle a night course to learn how to work with a air brush yet today you would be really hard pressed to even find any one that does air brushed nail art anymore.

Option 4:    We even offered at one time gold designs…gold studs drilled right through the nail. These were real gold and diamond studs and every one had to have a solid gold nail.

Why did that option disappear? Same reason airbrushing did. It was beautiful but fact is the nails got snagged in every thing and were a big irritation so they kept coming up with new and simpler nail art. like the variety of sticks  available now.

Option 5:  Now we have color acrylic and color gel, of every color you can imagine and addon bling in every color,  it’s so beautiful and simple too!

There are many varieties of nail art design to choose from nowadays, what do you choose?



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