Spray Tans Versus Tanning Beds

1098485_495236357234966_246758258_nWhat is tan is right for you?

I’m sure you know what my answer is: SPRAY TANS!

But to let you make your own decision let me provide you with a bit of information you may not be aware of.

Have you heard about the new law tanning bed law in British Columbia, Canada?  The law states that all tanning bed walls must have a sign on them that says: “WARNING. TANNING BEDS WILL CAUSE CANCER”. Now if that isn’t reason enough to not use a tanning bed, I don’t know what is!  Saying that, most tanning customers will choose to ignore  that sign.

Did you know that people under aged  are not allowed to use tanning bed or even work in the tanning salon?

Many of us want that nice dark base tan before we go on holidays but who has the time? It takes a minimum of 2 weeks of going to the tanning beds to get that base tan.   Listen up! You are going on a holiday because you need a break from your busy life so why make it busier going to the tanning booth everyday for two weeks straight before your holiday. Instead, why not get a spray on tan? Just one 20 minute appointment at the salon and voila > Instant dark tropical tan 🙂

Let me tell you about the SPRAY TAN system I use a my salon…

I use Australian Gold Solution:  The only moisturizing vitamin infused solution that contains over 70% Organic ingredients, resulting in fast drying and hydrated skin,  Hollywood’s choice for a natural looking tan. It is an organic aloe-based solution (competitors use water base). which increases the skin’s natural moisture level leaving no sticky feeling. DHA is rapidly absorbed into the skin within ninety seconds to two minutes for a deep, even penetration without streaks. Creating a longer lasting natural color tan for five to seven days.

If you are planning a sunny hot holiday in the near future why not pop by and let me give you a tropical dark base tan before you leave for your trip.  Trust me a base tan will help you handle the hot sun.   As the days go by on your holiday my spray tan may fade but by then you will have a natural sun tan with no burns from the sun.

Book your appointment today and get ready to jump into my spray tanning booth and get that gorgeous tropical bronze tan.

It only takes 20 minutes!

Call me today to book at 604-542-4261

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